Soul Skimmer

The Soul Skimmer:

The SoulSkimmer offers the perfect combination of performance and stability in one of the best skim boards available for wakesurfing. It's a great board for any level rider, offering a stable platform for someone who likes to cruise while allowing for limitless progression to more advanced riders. The board can be shaped with a large rocker on the nose to keep the board from diving in the water and improve stability and performance while riding revert. A Future Fins box gives the rider numerous options for feel on the board. Throw a Nubster fin in for a typical skim board feel, or a box plug to ride like a true ocean skim, or even a large surf fin to give the board a "mini" long-board like ride. Whether you go with a generic shape or go custom with the design, the possibilities are endless and you are sure to be impressed.

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