Da Honu

Built in sizes from 4’0” –  5’2” 
Beginner to Advanced

Da Honu board photo.

This is a fast board with a sharp down rail to a box hard rail at the tail that allows the rail to grab the wake for speed but can generate speed by pumping off the tail too. It has a rounded wide tail for easy release on 360's and surface tricks. It also adds stability to recover from the back of the wake. Adjusted nose rocker with nose flip for speed and prevention of pearling on re-entry of tricks. Deep single concave with a twin fin setup is standard but can be a Quad fin setup as well. Grab rails for strength in airs, Concave deck helps the board stick to your feet for controlled aerial maneuvers. Da Honu is one of the most technically advanced boards I've made with many years of R&D incorporated into it. It has quickly become one of my favorites and a must have to your surfboard quiver.

The Emily

Built in sizes from 4’0” - 5’0”
Intermediate to Advanced.

The Emily board photo.

The Emily Agate Pro Model.  This board has a bit of all the other pro model's best assets combined into 1 board. It has a blunt nose with a Diamond baby Fang design. The Diamond tail with baby Fangs makes the board very responsive and quicker to maneuver for aggressive carves and spins but still getting the added drive from the fang tips. The blunt nose will allow the board to be rode reverted with ease and help with pearling with added nose flip in the rocker line. Rode as a Twin fin stock but can be set up with any fin configuration.


Built in sizes from 4’0” - 5’2”
Intermediate to Advanced.

Jimmi8 board photo.

Newest Jimmi Sparling Pro Model. This board has been a constant work in process from day one. Continually changing and tweaking the board from the outline, rail shape, fin placement, concaves, length, width and thickness to insure the top performing board on the market. This new model has a 8” wide Diamond Blunt nose which will allow the board to be rode reverted and straighten out the rail line. This will make the board even faster but also give the stability need to make the Big Spin Tricks. Tucked hard edge surf rails to a Wider Diamond Fang’s will give the drive needed for big airs but will release better with the smaller fang tips that we brought up the rail line from the tail. Comes with a concave deck to allow board attachment in air tricks. The bottom has a flat entry to a deep single concave going flat off the tail for maximum speed and pop off the wake. Would recommend riding this board 1” to 2” shorter than the normal size recommended for the rider. Comes Stock as a Quad fin setup

Jordi Pro

Built in sizes from 4’0” - 5’0”

Jordi Pro board photo.

This is the Jordan Wolfe Pro model. It is a wider nose wider tail board with a straight squash tail and a Channel bottom nose. The Wider nose with a channel will generate speed and give a sense of stability and hold while doing revert tricks, 180’s and all spin tricks. The wider tail will help in recovering for far back or getting as far back as possible on the wave to drive forward with the most speed for a big air. Rode stock as a Twin fin but can be set up with any fin configuration.

Keenan Flegel Pro Surf

Beginner to Advanced

Keenan Flegel Pro Surf Model

This surf style board is the ultimate combination of performance and efficiency. "I began designing this board about 6 years ago with an idea to create a board that would make wakesurfing feel more like ocean surfing. It was also important to me to create a board that would be user friendly to beginner riders, all while boasting the highest performance of any board out on the market. I can proudly say that we have hit the nail on the head with this years KF Pro Surf! A flat rocker profile and straight rail line provide this board with all the speed you could ever need while the swallow tail, rear hips, and soft rails make it turn on a dime. Keenan typically ride’s this board with two Large size front fins and two nubsters in the back but this is totally customizable depending on the size and preference of the rider.

Keenan Flegel Pro Skim

Built in stock sizes from Beginner to Advanced

Keenan Flegel Pro Skim Model

The KF Pro Skim has been Keenan’s workhorse for many years now. Whether you are working on a 540 shuv or just dropping the rope, you will love this skim board! As a heavier rider, He seemed to like a flatter rocker profile and wider outline on all his boards which helps to maintain speed more effortlessly. This board features a squash tail with a single fin option. This board rides great with or without a fin for those who want to get that traditional skim feel. The wide nose and squash tail help to maximize pop off the wave, keep a straighter rail line, and also keep the board proportional for swing weight on those big shuv tricks. The nose of the board has become more important in recent years as new tricks continue to be innovated. For all of you out there who love a good drifter, the nose of this board was designed for just that!

Secret Weapon

Built in sizes from 4’0” - 5’0”

Secret Weapon board photo.

This is meant to be an advanced board with tons of pop off the wave. It has a Rounded nose which will release easy for Shuv’s or 180’s. Has a Surf shaped progressive rail which can be pump driven to get the bigger airs and big bottom turns. Comes with a concave deck to allow board attachment in air tricks. The bottom has a flat entry to a deep single concave going flat off the tail for speed and pop off the wake. It has a wide Fang tail that will create drive and control going into and out of tricks or aerials. Rode as a Stock Twinzer fin set up but can be set up with any fin setup.


5’6” - 22” - 2.25”
Beginner to Advanced

Slider+ board photo.

This board should be named “Pure Fun” because that’s all it is. A wide squared shape longboard nose, 50/50 rounded rails will allow grab and control to the wave. A slight V bottom to increase speed and Rail to Rail maneuverability. Deep Concave Deck for Foot attachment and Ability to get the board on rail while getting up out of the water. This board will recover from spots of the wake that are almost impossible to get back from. Comes as a single fin set up to keep it fast and attached to wave while nose riding and pure enjoyment for your surfing.

Super AV

Built in sizes from 4’0” - 5’0”
Beginner to Advanced

Super AV board photo.

This is the Angie Viland Pro Model. We have made changes to the outline widening the nose to allow the board to have a straighter center rail line to make it faster and a more responsive feel. The Super AV has a wider "fang" tail. This gives the board added float and aids in recovering when in the deep pocket. The Fang tips will act like fins off the tail giving the board control in landing airs and control in and out of surface tricks. The Super AV gives the rider the best of both worlds-ease of rotation for surface tricks, and a quicker release for added separation on airs. The deck features rail channels that aid in board grass well as a lowered rail shape to make the board faster with wave attachment. Rode as a Twin fin stock but can be set up with any fin configuration.


Built in sizes from 4’0” - 5’0”
Beginner to Advanced

VooDoo board photo.

This board will cast spells! This is a super fast board with tons of pop off the wake. Deep Concave deck for Foot attachment during airs and a sharp Down rail for speed down the wave by just leaning or pump driven. Highly Developed bottom concave contour will increase speed and control. The wider rounded tail is forgiving to stay in the wave from way back or hit your 3’s with ease. Rode stock as a Quad fin set up.