Anne Prochaska

I am Brazilian, 16 years old and live in São Paulo, the largest city in Brazil and one of the largest cities in the world. I started wakesurfing in 2011 after a session with my dad and several friends in Ibiuna, a city located near São Paulo and where we have a house by the lake. From this day on, I fell in love for the sport and never stopped training all weekend in our Master Craft XSTAR. In 2012, I started to improve my skills and I attended the first Brazilian Championship, coming out the winner of the female category. In 2013 I won two other competitions in Brazil and consecrated me again Brazilian champion. In 2014, I won the first stage of the Brazilian league and follow the recognized as the greatest revelation of Brazilian wakesurf circuit.

Starting this May, I will start surfing with boards of Soulcraft made especially for me, considering my style, weight and level of riding. I am very happy to close this partnership with Soulcraft and together we are ushering in a new phase of this sport here in Brazil, where for the first time an athlete happens to be sponsored by a renowned factory special wakesurf boards.In August, for the first time, Brazil will join the world wakesurfing series and I will be competing with the objective of securing an opportunity to be at the world championships finals in September. If all goes well, I will be an international level athlete representing my country in international competitions and wakesurfing with a Soulcraft beneath my feet. Thanks a lot Jeff!!!