Emily Agate

The wakesurfing lifestyle I live now is actually very new to me! I grew up in the south east of England and had never experienced the amazing lake life I now live!! We used to come on vacation to Canada and fell in love, so began the process to move here in 2004. In September of 2005 we had been processed and were able to move to beautiful British Columbia. We have long winters with unbelievable powder, so initially I spent most of my time snowboarding, then have gradually transitioned into searching for as much sun as possible and trying to avoid the cold winter! I got introduced for surfing at the end of summer 2011 and was instantly hooked! At the beginning of summer 2012 and got myself my own board and started trying to go every weekend. I was out surfing with a group of friends, on my local lake, Koocanusa and got convinced to enter our competition, the ‘Koocanusa Wakesurfing Challenge’. The week before I had a lesson with Caroline and learned my first 5 tricks, and ended up taking 1st place in amateur. It opened my eyes to a whole new world and I then found out I could go and compete at the world championships in Parker Arizona.

I practiced as much as I could over the next month and ended taking 2nd place in amateur surf style and met Soulcraft. I tried one of their boards and couldn’t believe how fun it was to ride. I had a smile from ear to ear and never wanted to ride a different board again!

I became a team rider for Soulcraft and got my first board from them. Since riding my custom board my skill level has increased dramatically. Soulcraft make a board that is alive under your feet! It’s fast, responsive and has great pop. I am yet to see someone try one of their boards and not instantly get a huge smile. I now have my own pro model board “The Emily”

This year I truly feel like I have been living my dream life I have travelled to 8 states to compete and met many amazing people. This season I have taken two 2nd place Pro Podiums and three 3rd place Pro podiums.
I am sponsored by : soulcraft, Agenda, H20 school, Las Vegas Watersports, Boardstiff, Ripcurl and Hype surf co.