Naumova Ksenia

My name is Naumova Ksenia, I’m 26. I was born and I live in Moscow, Russia. Watersports (such as wakesurfing, wakeboarding and waterskiing.) are very popular in Russia.

I began my sport career with water skiing. I was 12 and I thought this sport was the best in the world! And I decided, I wanted to do it professionally. After 3 years of persistent training, I began participating in competitions - Russian and international. That was a good experience for me and I won a lot of championships. Unfortunately, in several years I had to finish water skiing because of the knee trauma.

After recovery, I started wakeboarding. I liked this sport and I achieved good results in it. But in 2013 I accidentally tried wakesurfing and loved it at once. I understood that was the love of my life!

My progress was quick, though I learned everything myself, because, it was a new sport for Russia and finding a coach at that time was not easy. After a while, I felt ready to take part in competitions.

There were a few wakesurfing competitions in Russia that time, so I decided to go straight to European competitions (e.g. I became #1 in France, Surf the Lake contest).

As for today, I took part in many competitions and was in top 3 in most of them.

  • European WakeSurf  Championships- 2place outlaw women skim
  • GVA -1place (outlaw women skim) 2016
  • European WakeSurf Tour Moscow -2 place outlaw women skim 2016
  • Adrenalin WakeSurf Open 2016 Kiev -1place (outlaw women skim)2016
  • Russian Open WakeSurf Cup -2 place outlaw women skim 2016
  • World WakeSurfing Championship 2 place outlaw women skim 2016

In 2014 I started wakesurfing coaching  and I do it up to now. Introducing people to this sport, giving them knowledge, confidence and a positive energy is my favorite work. After all, the main thing in sport and in life is to enjoy what you're doing!